Austin Pocus


I've had a lifelong obsession with making things using computers. I started because I was a video game fanatic as a kid, and wanted to make my own games.

About 17 years later, I still haven't built a full game, most of my experience being on the web. Even so, I've tried to make a wide variety of things, including:

  • A frequency analysis of sound waves from my guitar
  • Graphics demos and pixel art makers
  • An additive synthesizer that combined waveforms to create 8-bit sounds

In my spare time, I like to mess around with the MIDI keyboard and software synths, read (especially sci-fi and history books), and play fetch with my cat.


  • Lifelong Student

    17-plus years teaching myself to code.
  • Bootstrapped

    3 startups, 1 acquisition, $0 external funding.
  • Scrappy Camper

    Built several PCs from scrap parts as a teenager.
  • Ten and Change

    Over a decade of professional experience.